Healthcare is one of the largest expenditures for most employers, and you work hard to put together the most competitive benefits package possible to attract and retain employees. Our job is to make sure employees actually understand the benefits available to them so they’re making confident and appropriate decisions, and ultimately achieving better utilization of your plans. This could have a tremendous impact on your bottom line at renewal. Better informed employees also tend to appreciate the company more leading to better retention and an overall happier workforce.

That being said, we understand you have a business to run and want to ensure that your open enrollment process is as efficient as possible. Therefore, we take a custom approach to open enrollment and new hire onboarding for each client.  Regardless of how open enrollment is structured, our strategy is always geared toward increasing employee benefit education and alleviating employer workload. The Worksite Group has experience with all demographics, so our scheduling & service is flexible to accommodate complex shifts, locations, and language barriers for any business.

  • Employee Education:  Our benefit counselors take a consultative, education-style approach to benefits.  Our goal is that your employees will walk away with an increased understanding of their insurance coverage.  This not only empowers them to make confident elections at enrollment, but also encourages better utilization of benefits throughout the company, potentially impacting claims experience and renewals.
  • Call Center: Benefit counselors are available via call center (inbound & outbound calls) during normal business hours and extended hours if needed during open enrollment. Shared-screen conferencing is available for individual employee appointments so they can review plan designs and rates while speaking with a counselor.
  • Online Scheduling: Online scheduling available to all benefit eligible employees to conveniently pick an appointment time of their preference from their computer or smartphone.
  • Non-Commissioned Benefit Counselors:  All counselors are paid a salary, not commission. This prevents over-selling or pushiness that can be encountered with some worksite carriers and enrollment firms.
  • Leverage:  Utilizing our 1-on-1 enrollment strategy can enable a business to obtain better underwriting considerations, such as lower pricing, higher Guaranteed-Issue limits on Life, Disability, and Critical Illness, and even a favorable impact toward your dental renewals.
  • Service:  Perpetual enrollments, new-hire onboarding, benefit booklets, marketing videos, dependent eligibility verification, and WOTC administration.
  • Technology:  Enrollments are all handled electronically. We can supply the system or we can enroll on an existing platform you may already be using. Our goal in any situation is to eliminate paper and streamline the process for all parties involved. In most situations this is achieved at no  cost to you.