The Worksite Group prides itself on being a resource for brokers and consultants, not a competitor. We strive to build long-term relationships to truly be a partner, not just a firm used to “outsource” voluntary benefits and enrollment. Our objective is to make a broker’s job easier and more profitable by handling the workload of enrollments and increasing commission and bonus. Our solution truly maximizes profitability because our partnership comes with zero overhead for a broker. We are only paid when we enroll a case, based on the results that we obtain.

If desired, brokers and consultants can even private label our service to operate on their behalf as their own worksite division. This can include auditing a broker’s book of business to identify the best cases to target for voluntary benefits, and even calling clients on the broker’s behalf to set appointments about Voluntary Benefits, Dependent Verification, WOTC, and other services.

  • Independent:  Independently owned and operated.
  • Carrier Agnostic:  Enables us to enroll any carrier or line of coverage without conflict of interest.
  • Commission:  Our compensation comes entirely from a split on voluntary lines only. Broker retains 100% on medical, dental, vision, and any employer-paid benefits.
  • Participation:  Our experience and educational approach with employees drastically increases participation on voluntary benefits compared to group meetings or employee self enrolled.
  • Non-Commissioned Benefit Counselors:  This eliminates potential over-selling or pushiness.
  • Leverage:  Utilizing our 1-on-1 enrollment strategy can enable brokers and their clients to obtain better underwriting considerations.
  • Support:  Guidance on strategy and worksite plan design, which can be particularly important during takeover opportunities. Since 2013, takeovers have accounted for 50% or more of new voluntary premium written in the United States each year.
  • Service:  Perpetual enrollments, new-hire onboarding, voluntary benefits RFP process, and claims assistance.
  • Technology:  The Worksite Group is platform agnostic. We have a partnership with numerous benefits administration systems, and have enrolled on most of the top systems currently available in the market. We can supply the system or we can enroll on an existing platform the broker or employer is using.