The Worksite Group is an employee benefits enrollment firm with locations in Columbus, OH and Chicago, IL. We partner with brokers, insurance carriers, and employers to implement strategy, technology, and service that deliver cost effective results at open enrollment and throughout the year. We understand that each client has specific needs, so we take a custom approach to each enrollment geared toward enhancing the employee enrollment experience, alleviating employer workload, and increasing broker profitability.

Our enrollment style can best be described as an educational approach to benefits, designed to ensure that employees truly understand their options, empowering them to make appropriate decisions on the coverage that suits their needs best. All of our benefit counselors are paid entirely by salary, never by commission. This allows our enrollment team to remain objective at all times and take a consultative approach with employees. In addition to communicating benefits, we can advise on technology, as well as, implement cost saving solutions that directly impact the bottom line of a business.